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A Happy Holiday Menu for an Extremely Restricted Diet

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Last Thanksgiving I was an Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) newbie. Coming up with a Thanksgiving menu wasn’t easy for me since the diet is quite limited and I had little experience with it. However, with some assistance from my family, I managed to enjoy an especially delicious feast! Menu planning with a limited list of foods requires a bit more creativity, but I found a lot of pleasure in that creative process. I appreciated the fact that I could still have such a yummy Thanksgiving, but I remember looking ahead to Thanksgiving 2015 anticipating I’d be…read more

Mashed Carrots with Crispy Sage

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If you asked me to name my least favorite food when I was growing up I would reply, “cooked carrots.” I didn’t enjoy their flavor or texture. I had no problem with raw carrots, but cooked? No, thank you. Looking back, I realize my idea of “cooked carrots” was those crinkle cut carrot rounds from the frozen vegetable section of the grocery store. To this day I still think those particular carrots have a strange, overly sweet flavor and a watery, squishy texture, especially if served steamed, but I’ve actually grown…read more