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Nutrient-Dense Bacon Mushroom Burgers (AIP Friendly)

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I’ve met few people who enjoy sitting down to a big plate of liver and onions, and generally, it seems most diners avoid organ meats because of the yuck factor. I’ve found that “hiding” them in meals works well for me, and this recipe is a tasty way to do just that with the addition of mildly flavored chicken liver. Why would you want to eat liver anyway? Aside from the yuck factor, many people avoid eating liver because they believe the liver stores toxins. However, as Chris Kresser explains: “A popular objection…read more

Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Breakfast Stir-Fry

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Stir-fry for breakfast? After adopting a paleo diet in an attempt to get healthier and balance my hormones, I started eating eggs in the morning, usually in the form of an egg/vegetable scramble, and this worked great for me for a while. Sadly, I had to abandon eggs for breakfast when I began the autoimmune paleo diet. No grains + no dairy + no eggs + no nuts/seeds = time to get creative with breakfast! Our culture has a pretty ingrained idea of what constitutes breakfast, but it really can be whatever we want it to be!…read more