About Me


Aerin is an operating room RN, nutritional therapy practitioner, wife, doggie mama, and amateur chef. No stranger to time constraints, nevertheless she chooses to prioritize nutrition in her life. The amazing benefits she’s experienced as a result are what keep her from slipping back into her former Standard American Diet. She’s learned the important role eating a traditional, whole-food, nutrient-dense diet plays in providing energy to navigate a busy schedule. She believes by healing your kitchen, you set yourself up for better eating habits and, as a result, experience healing in your body. She wants to help you heal your kitchen, which entails everything from stocking your refrigerator with healthier foods, organizing your space to function efficiently, planning nutritious meals, and understanding why these things matter!


The beautiful photography on this blog is by Aerin’s husband Craig, a talented multimedia artist. See more from Craig at van den Bosch Studios.